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Visit of the Minister of the Water Resources Department of Bihar State, India

Visit of the Minister of the Water Resources Department of Bihar State, India   H. E. Mr. Rajeev Ranjan Singh, Honblé Minister, Water Resources Department of Bihar State, India, and five governmental officials visited the Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University on December 19, 2016, and a seminar on disaster risk and water resources management was convened.
  Bihar State is located in the middle part of the Ganges River Basin with a fertile agricultural ground. However, the state suffers from flood disasters every year, and the state government aims to strengthen its capacity of flood risk management with the supports of the World Bank.
  The delegation visited Japan to learn state-of-the-art technologies on flood risk management, and Prof. Imamura, Advanced Science and Innovational Research Center, organized the visit upon the request of the World Bank. The delegation visited our university to learn our cutting-edge research results on disaster risk and water resources management, in addition to the relevant organizations, such as Okayama River Management Office of the Chugoku Regional Development Bureau in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management (ICHARM), and the Institute of Industrial Science in the University of Tokyo.
Following the courtesy visit to Prof. Masato Shinji, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, the Seminar titled "Innovative technology on disaster risk management and water resources management" was held. Prof. Imamura coordinated the seminar, and Prof. Fusanori Miura made an opening remark followed by presentations of six professors. The delegation showed strong interests in the research results.

[ Seminar Program ]
Innovative technology on disaster risk management and water resources management
Moderator: Prof. Yoshiyuki Imamura
Opening remark: Prof. Fusanori Miura
Prof. Fusanori Miura
  "Future plan of international cooperation of Center for Research and Application of Satellite Remote Sensing (CRSSaReS) of YU"
Prof. Koji Asai
  "On effect of hazard map on consciousness of flood disaster prevention"
Prof. Norikazu Shimizu
  "Displacement monitoring for risk management of infrastructures using space technologies"
Associate Prof. Keiji Imaoka
  "Passive microwave observation of earth's water from space"
Associate Prof. Masahiko Nagai
  "Space technology utilization for urban environment"
Prof. Kesayoshi Hadano
  "Evaluation of the upstream water level of the submerged weir"

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