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 Although university rankings published are one measure of excellence, in 2009 the Academic Rankings of World Universities (ARWU) listed Yamaguchi University (YU) as one of the top 20-31 universities of Japan and one of the top 402-501 universities of worldwide.

Academic Ranking of World Universities - 2009

 The faculty of Engineering of Yamaguchi University (YU-Eng) provides excellent programs on engineering science for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Monodzukuri Sousei Centre (Center for Design and Products Innovation) of Yamaguchi University Eng. Dept. Breaks Guinness World Record

Monodzukuri Sousei Centre (Center for Design and Products Innovation) from Yamaguchi University's Eng. Dept. Breaks Guinness World Record

 Center for Design and Products Innovation of Yamaguchi University Engineering Department, along with Engineering Dept.'s students, broke a Guinness World Record with the help of the local citizens.
This project, with support of JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency), was launched by the centre aiming to promote the fun of science to children. It was also their goal to nurture the next generation's human resources majoring in science as part of the "Choushuu Fun-Science Restoration Project". The attempt took place on 29 November 2009 (Sun) at 13.00 pm at Tokiwa Park (Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture).
Using 10482 PET bottles, a tower with the height of 7.39m was built and this entered the Guinness Book of World Records under the "Tallest bottle sculpture" category. This PET bottles tower, later adorned with about 10 thousands illumination lights, was displayed for public viewing at the "TOKIWA Fantasia '09"'s Illumination Contest (5 Dec (Sat)- 26 Dec (Sat) 2009, Tokiwa Park's Amusement Park) that was held by the same steering committee that organized the making of the pet bottles tower.
Center for Design and Products Innovation even now is still involved in various activities with their goal to cultivate future scientists of Japan.

Producing the bottle sculpture1 Producing the bottle sculpture2 The lighting ceremony

(Update:April 02 2012)