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The Campus

The main campus of Yamaguchi University is, the "Yoshida Campus" located in Yamaguchi City which is the capital city of Yamaguchi Prefecture, with a population of about 191,000. Yamaguchi City has many spots of scenic beauty and historical value. It flourished as a cultural center of medieval Japan back in the 15th century.
The Faculty of Engineering in the "Tokiwa Campus" and the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital in the "Kogushi Campus" are located in Ube City.
Ube City has been growing as an industrial city with a population of about 180,000.
Shin-Yamaguchi Station is the nearest Shinkansen (bullet train in Japan) station, and is about 25 km away from the Tokiwa campus. Yamaguchi-Ube Airport is in the neighborhood of the Tokiwa Campus. It takes about An hour and a half to reach Tokyo International Airport, (Haneda). (See Details...)
(Update:April 02 2012)