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Ube, Yamaguchi Access map

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  • 5 hours from Tokyo(w) to Shin-Yamaguchi station(VRw) by Shinkansen,
    2 hours from Shin-Osaka station(Vw), 30 minutes from Hiroshima Station(Lw),
    30 minutes from Hakata station(w).(Transit)
    *Shttle bus from Shin-Yamaguchi station to Ube-shinkawa station(FVw)

    *Take a train from Shin- Yamaguchi station to Ube-Shinkawa station by Ube Line(F), or to Ube Station(Fw) by Sanyo Line(Rz{).


  • From Shin-Yamaguchi Station(VRw)
    • 45 minutes by Express Bus, or 56 minutes by Rapid Bus from Shin-Yamaguchi Station (No. 52, 53) to Ube-Shinkawa Station(Transit)
    • 10minutes from Ube-Shinkawa Station to Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University by Taxi.
  • From Ube-Shinkawa Station(FVw)
    • Take a bus from Ube-Shinkawa Station (No.82, 85, 86, 91, 92-all stop) to Kogakubu-mae(In front of the University, HwO) by Hiraki Line(J).
  • From Hakata Kotsukyoku Centre (The right side of Hakata Exit in Hakata Station )
    • 2 hours from Highway bus by Fukuoka Yamaguchi Liner(bound for Yamaguchi by JR bus)

From Yamaguhi-Ube Airport(RF`)

  • 10min by taxi

From Narita Airport

  • By Airport Limited Express to Haneda Airport (Direct or Connects with limited express at Aoto Station), 105 or 110 minutes, 1,560yen
    Narita Airport--(Airport Limited Express)--Haneda Airport--(ANA or JAL)--Yamaguchi Ube Airport--(shuttle bus or taxi)--Ube-Shinkawa Sta. or Faculty of Engineering
  • By limousine bus to Haneda Airport about 80 minutes, 3,000yen

    *Note* Limousine bus may be delayed because of traffic jam.

From Kansai Airport

  • By Limited Express HARUKA to Shin-Osaka Station (Direct to Shin- Osaka station)
    45 minutes, (2,470 yen for Non reserved seat, 2,980 yen for Reserved seat)
    Kansai Airport--Shin-Osaka--Shin-Yamaguchi-Ube-shinkawa(13,640 yen for one way)
    Kansai Airport--(Airport Limited Express HARUKA)--Shin-Osaka Station--(Shinkansen)--Shin-Yamaguchi Station--(Train-Ube line-)--Ube Shinkawa Station

From Fukuoka Airport

  • By subway to Hakata Station (5 minuts, 250yen) Transport Information to Hakata Station Taxis are also available and very useful(about 1,300 yen)

    Fukuoka Airport--(Free Shuttle bus (No.1) from International terminal to Domestic terminal)--Domestic Terminal--(Subway)--Hakata Station--(Shinkansen bound for Hiroshima, Shin-Osaka or Tokyo)--Shin-Yamaguchi Station--(Train-Ube line-) --Ube Shinkawa Station--(taxi about 560 yen but walking distance)

Campus Map

Campus Map
(Update:April 02 2012)